Johnson Audio Works provides training classes and workshops for churches and ministries of all sizes. From educating your pastoral staff to continuing training for your audio volunteers, JAW is there for you.


Here is a sampling of some the workshops we have available:


Audio For Pastors

Key fundamentals that pastors and ministry leaders need to know about audio technology before upgrades, renovation and installation


Digital Audio Workshop 101

Fundamentals of digital audio, recording, and editing for post-production broadcast and webcasting


Digital Audio Workshop 102

Advanced audio editing techniques for multi-track studio and broadcast


Heart of Technical Ministry

Discusses the importance of the spiritual condition and attitude of the AV Technical Helps worker


Loudspeaker Optimization

Techniques for tuning mains loudspeaker systems and foldback stage monitors to a given acoustic environment


Loudspeakers & Acoustics

Fundamentals of loudspeaker technology, implementation and fundamental acoustics integration



Discusses types, use and application of microphones for stage, studio and broadcast


Mixing Workshop 101

Gain structure, equalization and buss routing techniques for mixing consoles


Mixing Workshop 102

Dynamic processing, effects and practices for live and studio mixing


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