Audio Tech School – Part 1

Due to circumstances beyond our control this workshop has been cancelled. We will be rescheduling the workshop for a later date and will update our post as soon as that information is available.


Audio Tech School – Part 1 is the first of four classes occurring quarterly throughout 2020.

Because you cannot get better than the source, this class will start with an in-depth look at microphones: how they work, the different types and pick up patterns, what microphone to use for what application, microphone placement techniques, types of microphone stands and more. We will also discuss properly interfacing consumer devices such as computers, tablets, phones, mp3 players, cd players, etc into professional audio systems.

Other topics will include:

  • Audio Signal Flow

  • Proper Mixing Console Gain Structure

  • How to use Equalization and the Ground Plane Technique

Includes Continental Breakfast and Boxed Lunch for attendees

Come be a part of our 2020 Audio Tech School!


InfoComm 2019-Bluetooth Blox

Ever wonder if their is an easy way to connect your bluetooth devices to your audio system? The answer is “Yes” and we saw several manufacturers showing their solutions to that problem.

RapcoHorizon’s solution called the Bluetooth Blox is a quick and easy way to get audio from your phone, tablet, or any bluetooth enabled device into your audio system.

Bluetooth Blox by RapcoHorizon

BTIBLOX quickly and easily pairs with most Bluetooth audio players, including smart phones and computers.

Product Description

RapcoHorizon BTIBLOX (Bluetooth Interface BLOX) is a unique tool designed for live events and presentations. BTIBLOX quickly and easily pairs with most Bluetooth audio players, including smart phones and computers. It can operate on phantom power or its own internal rechargeable battery. BTIBLOX has a line-of-sight range of over 75 feet to stream audio wirelessly. It is built with an XLR-male output that can connect directly to a mixer input and features a translucent back cover that allows the user to view the LED status. It is built to Bluetooth 4.2 specifications and is FCC and RoHS compliant. (Credit: RapcoHorizon)

Check it out on their website here.

InfoComm 2019-dB Pod

We enjoy going to InfoComm every year to see all the great new products, meet up with colleagues and friends, meet new folks, and update our knowledge on Audio, Video, and Lighting. This year in Orlando was no different.

One of the first booths that we visited was Studio Six Digital and Andrew was there to give us a look at some of their great new or updated products.

dB Pod by Studio Six Digital

Smart local/remote audio monitor with color LED sound level indicators, wireless AudioTools interface, and Vibration Analyzer (Photo: Studio Six Digital)

The first thing that he showed us was the prototype dB Pod. It provides monitoring, both remote and local, of dB levels in a room, it wirelessly connects to Audio Tools, and will also have a vibration analyzer. Its a great new tool not only for installed sound monitoring but also for sound system setup and installation utilizing Audio Tools. Definitely check out their website here for more info.

Andrew also showed us the updated or new test mics; uTestMic, uPrecisionMic, and iPrecisionMic. These are great tools with loads of updates. Check out Studio Six Digital’s website here.

InfoComm 2017-Gator Cases iD Series Speaker Stand With Piston Driven Lift Assistance

•Compact Cylinder Design
•LiftEEZ Self-Rising Center Tube Piston Lifts Speaker for You
•Easy One Handed CAM Operation
•Integrated Sliding Adapter for 35mm Speakers
•3rd Leg Adjusts for Leveling on Uneven Surfaces
•Patent Pending Design
•Built-In Cable Management
•125LB (56kg) Weight Capacity
•Min/Max Height: 48/75 Inches (1219/1905mm)
•Available as Individual Unit or as a Set (Includes Bag)